Credo Sampler - Book 1

Credo - Life to Faith to Life : The face of catechetics for the 21st century

Features of the Credo series

Fully Integrated Process - In the Credo series, Shared Christian Praxis is for the first time adapted as a pedagogy for the use with high school students. This process is a proven educational method that moves the learner to an active faith.


Information and Formation - Outcomes are divided into Learning outcomes and Formation outcomes. This reflects one of the principal educational philosophies of the series-- an equal emphasis on learning and living the Catholic faith.


Reaching all Learners - Every student is respected in a variety of opportunities and experiences offered to reach the diversity and individuality of each student.


Christological Focus - The content goes beyond the requirements to include the breadth and depth of the Catholic Christian story.


Social Justice Strand - Teachings about social justice are integrated throughout the Credo series.


Technology at the service of Catechesis - This is a Credo difference! Geared to the digital natives of our times, Credo accesses technology where it can best enhance and enliven the information and formation aspects of the series.