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Now Available! CD 6: Living and Loving as Disciples of Christ

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The CD to match Book 6: Living and Loving as Disciples of Christ is now available! This CD contains a wide variety of music that aligns with each chapter theme and also includes an instrumental piece that can be used during prayer reflections. Log on to iTunes or call 866-844-0582 to order your copy.


Conformity Listings for Books 3 and 4!

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Veritas is delighted to share the great news that Books 3 and 4 of the Credo series have been added to the USCCB's Conformity Listing of Catechetical Texts and Series!

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September 2014 - Learn more about Credo's Pedagogical Approach!

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Professor Thomas H. Groome, from Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry, has prepared a series of short videos specifically designed for teachers in the Credo Community. Click here to view the first video in the series, about the pedagogical approach adopted in each chapter of the books in the Credo series, a movement from life to faith to life:


61st Annual Catholic Schools Seminar

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August 2014 - Meet Sr Susan!

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Many teachers in the Credo Community have met Sr Susan DeGuide, a Sister of Mercy based out of San Diego, CA. Sr Susan travels the country meeting teachers, administrators and diocesan personnel and chatting with them about the joys and challenges of teaching High School Theology. If you wish to request a meeting with Sr Susan, or find out more information, email

Coming Soon - Credo Series

An all-new approach to responding to the needs and concerns of high school religion teachers...


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